Construction and reconstruction in Trieste and its province

The company Edil Impianti Trieste operates in the construction sector. Its strength lies in the experience and professionalism of its staff.

Our company has dedicated teams for each sector, providing optimal performance in the three main focal points of our business: building renovations, new constructions, installations.


On behalf of its client base, Edil Impianti Trieste is constantly seeking ways of improving and adapting existing systems in order to improve their energy efficiency.

We can improve the  energy efficiency of any building by making improvements to the envelope and internal structure, eliminating thermal bridges, increasing the level of insulation, replacing inefficient heating units with new generation ones, making use of heat pump air conditioning etc.

In many cases, an increase in energy efficiency leads to an improvement in the energy class as reported on the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and, therefore, a significant increase in the value of the property.



Asbestos removal