Edil Impianti Trieste offers all its expertise for the treatment, encapsulation, checking, removal and disposal of compact asbestos products.Making use of highly specialised and qualified personnel in the asbestos treatment sector, we offer a complete and professional service, dealing with the pre-removal cleaning of compact asbestos, and using professionals for the transport and disposal phases, guaranteeing total removal of dangerous material in total safety.

Compact asbestos removal


The removal and disposal of asbestos are very delicate operations which consist in carefully disassembling the pieces, isolating them immediately with a special packaging and then transferring them to authorised landfills.

Through this procedure, the risk of asbestos fibres spreading further is definitively eliminated and it can be carried out in any building, be it public or private.

Edil Impianti Trieste Srl uses this procedure to remove and dispose of roofs, panels, tanks, downspouts, flues, and any other element containing compact asbestos.

Edil Impianti Trieste will provide you with a comprehensive asbestos removal and disposal service , assisting you with and facilitating administrative and bureaucratic procedures.