Construction in Trieste

EDIL IMPIANTI TRIESTE is at your disposal when it comes to building from scratch: houses, villas, condominiums, and garages.Our team will take care of every aspect from design to construction, up to delivery of the keys, and throughout this journey you will be accompanied and advised by our staff.



Edil Impianti Trieste offers a complete turnkey renovation service. Whether renovating existing buildings or starting from scratch in the construction of new ones, the company is at the complete disposal of the client.

With regard to turnkey renovations for private individuals,  Edil Impianti Trieste boasts collaborations with leading sector professionals such as architects, engineers, industrial experts and surveyors, for the successful realisation of projects for every need.

Being able to count on an available, efficient and professional construction company is vital if you are to get the best result when it comes to renovation work on your home or office. That is why we aim for an efficient and precise approach, using project management techniques and cutting-edge technologies, such as our management software.

Why choose Edil Impianti Trieste?

We have immediate availability to evaluate proposals for the total renovation of large buildings as well as individual properties in particular by real estate companies that buy and  renovate  to make profitable income, or for any other requirements of both private individuals and companies.  And much more besides. Whatever the project, you can count on all our experience and professionalism!

New buildings

Employing qualified personnel and advanced equipment, the company Edil Impianti Trieste deals with the construction of new buildings, carrying out accurate, complete and “turnkeybuilding work .

The company makes daily use of the advice of partners and professionals from other sectors, such as architects, engineers, industrial experts and surveyors, to offer you even greater confidence in the design and planning of new buildings, with an eye to energy saving and efficiency.

In this way we are able to resolve every aspect to with organisation of environments and functionality of spaces.

We take care of every process including masonry works, installation of floor and wall coverings, internal and external doors and windows, roofing and insulation,  subflooring and screeds, plastering and painting, as well as carrying out the design and implementation of electrical  , plumbing and gas installations, right up to delivery of the keys and  certification of all the installations.

Lagging and insulation

Edil Impianti Trieste offers a wide range of options including exterior insulation finishing systems and further insulation systems aimed at improving the energy efficiency of your property.

Walls are given effective thermal and acoustic insulation via the application of special insulating panels, composed of different materials such as rock wool or glass wool.

The application of insulating panels to the walls of a building ensures that neither heat generated by the heating systems nor cool air produced by the ventilation and cooling systems are dispersed into the environment, thus allowing significant savings on energy consumption.

Edil Impianti Trieste’s ample experience in the field of insulation guarantees the customer achieves the best possible performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, in keeping with the main objective of improving the comfort of your home!


The application of cladding is an insulation technique that can be carried out on both external and internal walls

Due to the simplicity of execution, insulation via cladding is used in the majority of new building works and also in almost all renovation projects, as the work can be carried out with no need for the occupants to vacate the property.


Where possible, it is without a doubt advisable to use external cladding, as it almost always eliminates any humidity problems and does not require a vapour barrier. The insulating material is placed on the outside of the building, protecting the wall from the cold and thus decreasing humidity and the possibility of mould forming. Furthermore, external cladding eliminates thermal bridges , in other words it eradicates the possibility that beams, floors and pillars act as “doorways” allowing the cold to enter.

Internal cladding , on the other hand, should be used when it is not possible to insulate externally, for example in the case of protected buildings or limitations imposed by a condominium. Care must be taken that the cladding is fitted with the utmost care and precision, because of course a bad job will certainly lead to the formation of condensation and mould, rendering the work useless and creating precisely the kind of situation that you were aiming to avoid. It will therefore be necessary to decide whether to use a vapour barrier, or highly breathable materials.

Various materials are used for internal cladding , such as, in particular calcium silicate panels, which thanks to their alkalinity make it very difficult for mould to form.

Building finishes


Edil Impianti Trieste puts its expertise and specialised staff at your disposal for the design and installation of windows, doors and any further architectural elements whose purpose is to close the openings made in the masonry and which connect the interior and exterior of a building or two internal spaces.

Doors, windows and glazing require careful planning and installation, to ensure effective functionality and guarantee adequate protection of the internal environments of buildings.


Edil Impianti Trieste carries out both dismantling and installation of exterior and interior flooring and wall coverings, in stoneware, marble, terracotta, mosaic and ceramic.

We use only top-quality materials, taking care of even the tiniest details and always offering our clients innovative solutions, both from a functional and design point of view, in line with industry trends and their own aesthetic preferences.