Corporate Social Responsibility concerns the ethical implications as defined in the strategic business vision. It is achieved through the company’s manifestation of its will to manage, in an effective and constructive manner, the social and ethical problems that may be generated both within the company itself and externally, with particular reference to its particular areas of business. #AmiamoTrieste (WeloveTrieste)

Corporate Social Responsibility also sees the company express its professionalism and commitment via participation in the major sports teams and events of the city: a natural goal in terms of its contribution to the community.


  • Edil Impianti Trieste is Premium Sponsor of the Triestina Calcio football team, which plays in the Serie C Championship
  • Edil Impianti Trieste is Top Sponsor of Trieste Basketball, top national championship team
  • Edil Impianti Trieste sponsors the ASD Zaule Rabuiese, which plays in group B of the Promotional football championship in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.